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A gender equality and women’s empowerment global platform that focuses on supporting Black African, Ethnic Minorities (BAME) and young women from underrepresented backgrounds to grow and shine a light on their achievements through leadership in politics, civic participation, and decision-making for social change..

We respond to young women’s aspirations to advance intersectional gender equality to ensure full participation and rightful representation in governance by increasing their involvement and empowering them to become leaders in politics, civic participation, and access to opportunities and resources. We create opportunities, empower and inspire young women by enriching their knowledge and professional development. We encourage them to take bold steps toward personal growth in leadership, education, digital skills, business and sustainable projects. This eliminates barriers in decision-making and empowers young women to realise their potential.

We align and partner with individuals, global leaders, governments, established experts, organisations, and institutions to hold workshops, training, conferences, roundtable discussions, policy formulations, and simulations that present opportunities and networks.


To advance the full participation of underrepresented young women leaders in decision-making bodies for social change and promote intersectional gender equality



We envision a world where young women are empowered, fully represented, and have a seat at the table at the highest decision-making levels for social, economic, and political advancement.